Doing the ‘Dutch Reach’ could save lives

Doing the ‘Dutch Reach’ could save lives

The Livres Trois Canons English bookstore is situated in the federal riding of Louis-Hébert, Quebec City.

Mr Joël Lightbound, the Member of Parliament for Louis-Hébert, recently launched a campaign intended to help save lives.

We at Livres Trois Canons fully support the initiative and hope that you will too.

We have some campaign stickers in store for you. Please pick one up next time you drop by.

We received a letter from Mr Lightbound, the text of which can be read below.

Thank you for supporting our cyclist safety awareness campaign! I am delighted to send you these reminder stickers in the hopes that the ”Dutch Reach” will become an everyday habit in Canada.

In August 2015, I lost a dear friend, Bernard Carignan, who was ”doored” while cycling at the corner of Saint-Denis Street and Jean-Talon Street in Montreal. His death, like so many accidents every year, could have been avoided. When drivers and passangers use the ”Dutch Reach” and open their car door with the hand that is furthest away from the street, they are forced to turn and look in the mirror as well as in their blind spot, giving them the opportunity to notice oncoming cyclists.

In society as in life, I have always believed that we must protect those who are most vulnerable. On the road, those most at risk are cyclists and pedestrians, which is why I began this campaign. In the end, my hope for this initiative is that it helps us be more mindful of one another. I am therefore very grateful that you are joining me in this campaign and I encourage you to spread the word!




Dutch Reach stickers are available at Livres Trois Canons – the English Bookstore in Quebec City at Place Naviles.

Tel: (418) 204-4325

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