Review: Devil and the Bluebird ISBN 9781419720000

Review: Devil and the Bluebird ISBN 9781419720000

Title: Devil and the Bluebird
Author: Jennifer Mason-Black
ISBN: 9781419720000
Price: $21.95
Publisher: Amulet Books

Review by Zoe Spychka

Devil and the Bluebird tells the story of Blue, a brave yet naive young girl who embarks on a journey to find her missing sister. Possessing only her late mother’s guitar and her determination, she must put all her trust in strangers in order to find her way. The story is told in the form of a road trip, an element that I quite enjoyed.

The writer has a simple but elegant style. However, in certain cases, Mason-Black’s writing ends up being a tad too intense for the story in itself.

That being said, it has always been my belief that a good author can write with finesse, originality and clarity while getting their message across but a talented author can also incorporate symbolism with subtlety. This is what differentiates this book from your normal run-of-the-mill dramatic story.

On the other hand, sometimes I found it difficult to submerge myself completely into the story right off the bat. The beginning is a little slow, but picks up as the book progresses.

Jennifer Mason-Black’s effortless style eventually succeeded in pulling me into this wonderful tale of hope.

New life and old are brought together in this great quest for identity and love.

I think many people will be able to relate to this book. This is due to many elements such as, for example, the conundrum that is Blue’s relationship with her sister. Overall, Devil and the Bluebird is a decent summer read where new life and old are brought together harmoniously.


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