Review: From the Barren Lands 9781927855331

Review: From the Barren Lands 9781927855331

Title: From the Barren Lands: The Fur Trade, First Nations, and a Life in Northern Canada
Author: Leonard G. Flett
ISBN: 9781927855331
Price: $29.95
Publisher: Great Plains Publications

Review by Rosanna Haroutounian

At a time when Canada is seeking to reconcile its history of oppression and racism towards indigenous people – what some have termed “cultural genocide” – it has become critically important to hear the stories of native Canadians in their own words.

In his memoir From the Barren Lands, Leonard Flett gives an insider’s retelling of the evolution of the Hudson’s Bay Company in the days when the HBC stores still traded furs and were the primary source of goods in their communities. Flett discusses the challenges First Nations faced with the incursion of European customs and religion, including the economic and cultural strains of being forced to relocate their entire communities.

Flett paints a vivid picture of life in remote northern communities, explaining in detail how Canadian society functioned at a time before mass communication and reliable transportation were the norm. The startling reality is that even with advancements in technology, health care, and transportation, many First Nations are still without drinking water, adequate housing, and access to on-reserve education.

Flett experiences losses along the way, but his story is marked mostly by successes, perhaps most notably his efforts to give back to First Nations communities and aboriginal youth as a volunteer and business leader.


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