Review: Her Darling Boy by Tom Goodman ISBN 9781927855478

Review: Her Darling Boy by Tom Goodman ISBN 9781927855478

Title: Her Darling Boy
The letters of a mother, her beloved son, and the heartbreaking cost of Vimy Ridge
Author: Tom Goodman
ISBN: 9781927855478
Price: $29.95
Publisher: Great Plains Publications / Enfield & Wizenty

Review by Job Patstone

What could be more real than actual letters exchanged between a mother and her son during WWl, or what was better known as the Great War.

Goodman managed to get his hands on some old letters that were found through one of the relatives of the mother involved and with his added narration brings to life a true, but sad story, of a young Canadian immigrant from Iceland who signs up to fight for Canada overseas and ends up on the western front where Canada played an important role on Vimy Ridge.

The book contains transcripts written between the mother, Elisabet Thuridur Polson and her son Pte. Archibald (Archie) John Polson, and together with some revealing photographs takes us to the heart of the action.

As the book progresses other letters from the Red Cross, certain army personnel and clergy, become important as Archie is wounded while in France.

Some of the descriptions of war’s true brutality become evident through Archie’s letters written during his time on the front where he becomes separated from his buddies and relatives who were also stationed either in England or France.

It is hard for most of us to realize what suffering and isolation a soldier experienced back in 1917 and just how lonely a young man could be, but in Her Darling Boy, Tom Goodman, together with those long preserved letters opens our eyes to what it’s like to be in battle, far away from family and so far away from home.


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