Review: Mingan: My Village – Poems by Innu Schoolchildren ISBN 9781927083246

Review: Mingan: My Village – Poems by Innu Schoolchildren ISBN 9781927083246

Title: Mingan: My Village – Poems by Innu Schoolchildren
Author: Rogé / Roger Girard
ISBN: 9781927083246
Price: $14.95
Publisher: Fifth House Publishers

Review by Bobbi Zahra

Rogé is the nom d’art of Québec illustrator Roger Girard, who left the commercial world of graphic design in 2000 to concentrate on the creation of work celebrating and observing the lives of children.

To create the exquisitely wrought Mingan, Rogé visited the school in the Innu village of Mingan in northeastern Québec. Over the course of a few days, he photographed the children whose work is presented here, and it was from these photographs that he created the beautiful portraits that accompany the children’s writing.

Mingan will appeal on a number of levels, to a number of audiences. Art lovers will appreciate the portraits, whose soft colours cannot dim the children’s expressive faces. The shadow of lashes on a cheek, the curve of a lip in the hint of a smile, the secrets in some of the eyes – these tell one part of the story, and the children’s own words tell the other.

The children of the Teueikan School, when invited to add their words, offered beauty, hope, a love of the natural world, and a keen understanding of its cycles.

Although the realities of living in northeastern Québec are often challenging and vexatious, the children of this book know there’s much more to it, and they share it with us.

Rita Mestokosho (who, like the younger poets, was born in Mingan) and Laure Morali, the poets who conducted the writing workshops in which the poems came to life, have proven themselves to be exceptional literary midwives, and for especially avid readers, Joséphine Bacon has translated all the poems into Innuk.

This book is simply wonderful, and the images and words it contains offer the possibility of many conversations.

It’s a book to be savoured repeatedly and shared often.


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