Review: Noni Speaks Up – ISBN 9781770498396

Review: Noni Speaks Up – ISBN 9781770498396

Title: Noni Speaks Up
Author: Heather Hartt-Sussman
ISBN: 9781770498396
Price: $19.99
Publisher: Tundra Books

Review by Bobbi Zahra

Noni is a little girl of an indeterminate age who works hard at doing the right thing. She gives up her seat on the bus, she holds doors for people – and she is troubled when she sees children at school bullying a classmate. She knows what she would like to do, what she should do – but she does nothing.

Noni is a bystander for the very same reason that so many are bystanders: fear. If even adults sometimes watch and say nothing, how can a little girl be brave enough to stand up?

Yet – that is precisely what Noni does. One day on the playground, she simply cannot stand by and say nothing. Noni stands up.

And to find out what happens, you should consider reading this book with a small person in your life. Montréal-born Heather Hartt-Sussman has written a small gem of a book. She doesn’t talk down to her target audience, nor does she pretend that it’s easy to stop a bully. But she shines a light on an issue that can affect people of every age.

The accompanying illustrations from Montréal’s Geneviève Côté are perfect. They have a kind of retro, gentle feel about them, as with a few simple strokes she delivers precisely the expression on the face of a bully, or on the face of a child who thinks it must surely be hopeless. And Côté, like Hartt-Sussman, delivers hope.


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