Review: Possible Side Effects ISBN 9780312426811

Review: Possible Side Effects ISBN 9780312426811

Title: Possible Side Effects
Author: Augusten Burroughs
ISBN: 9780312426811
Price: $19.50
Publisher: Picador

Review by Zoe Spychka

Possible Side Effects is an absolutely brilliant memoir compiling a decent amount of anecdotal short stories from Augusten Burroughs’ past.

As simple as the content may seem, this book has cheered me up so many times and is perfectly capable of bringing a goofy smile to the face of anyone. Simply read one of the brilliant short stories and I guarantee you will be head over heels for this simple masterpiece.

I’d like to thank this paperback for the very large number of odd-looks it has gotten me from friends and family as I burst into laughter out loud over the unfortunate yet humorous situations described by the author. A combination of realism and wit, Burroughs’ way of writing is simply addicting.

The honesty with which he addresses his audience is somewhat diary-like, a style that I am very fond of. As you read, you find yourself transported into the author’s universe, where that one coincidental extremely unlucky situation that you thought way too ridiculous to be true becomes possible. In fact, it’s probably already happened to poor Augusten.

On the bright side, he wrote a book compiling all of these cringe-worthy situations for your personal pleasure.

My advice? Pick it up immediately and begin enjoying this breath of fresh air.

The only possible side effect of this experience? Pure happiness as you devour what I now consider one of my all-time favourite books.


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