Review: Smart Shopping Montreal: Update No. 14 ISBN 9780978105563

Review: Smart Shopping Montreal: Update No. 14 ISBN 9780978105563

This book is available at Livres Trois Canons – the English Bookstore in Quebec City at Place Naviles.

Sandra Phillips’ Smart Shopping Montreal: Update No. 14
by Sandra Phillips
ISBN: 9780978105563
Price: $21.95

Review by John Spychka

If you love to shop and save money, then the latest edition of this biennial publication is for you. In Sandra Phillips’ Smart Shopping Montreal, you’ll find bargains galore as you weave your way through Montreal’s shopping labyrinth.

Smart Shopping Montreal is divided into three main sections: the Discounters, Specialists, and Repairmen. The Discounters section is sub-divided into clothing, household, leisure, food, and second-hand. In the Specialists section you’ll find a range of interesting products and services including international food places, singing telegrams, old movie rental, art lending, pooper scooping, needlework, and Japanese washi paper.

Ever wonder how to fix that special child’s toy or antique piece of furniture you have? If so, you’ll likely find the answer in the Repairmen section.

What I really like about this invaluable reference book is the specific information sections on antiques, free museums, farmers’ and flea markets, seasonal warehouse sales, seniors’ discounts, fabric central, and annual bazaars and bake sales. And the shopping wisely, shopping calendar (a favourite of mine), and measurement chart sections are especially helpful for the astute shopper.

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