Review: The Light that Remains 9781927855409

Review: The Light that Remains 9781927855409

Title: The Light that Remains
Author: Lyse Champagne
ISBN: 9781927855409
Price: $19.95
Publisher: Enfield & Wizenty

Review by Job Patstone

The Light That Remains is a collection of five short stories all about children from different parts of the world whom all have a connection to Canada in one way or another, either through immigration or relatives.

The first, a story of two sisters from Armenia, who correspond uniquely through letters during the occupation of their Country, and how they learn to cope with difficult decisions affecting their lives.

The second story is about a young girl who describes her life’s experiences through embroidery. She eventually becomes a seamstress but continues to record her family’s situation and portraits through her needlework.

Thirdly, a young girl describes her first love and how she must keep it a secret from her family and how she sometimes listens to advice but sometimes doesn’t.

The fourth story brings us into the mind of a young Cambodian girl who lives in Montreal and who is desperately trying to keep her family together. She ends up presenting a play of improvisation which includes members of her family but ironically excludes her father.

Lastly, the author tells a story of a young Rwandan girl and her family whose attempted escape from their country to come to Canada doesn’t go according to her father’s plans.


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