Review: This is Me – A Story of Who We Are & Where We Came From ISBN 9780761180111

Review: This is Me – A Story of Who We Are & Where We Came From ISBN 9780761180111

Title: This Is Me: A Story of Who We Are and Where We Came From
Author: Jamie Lee Curtis & Laura Cornell
ISBN: 9780761180111
Price: $23.95
Publisher: Workman Publishing Company

Review by Lorie Pierce

Many celebrities have authored children’s books – Henry Winkler, Lee Ann Rimes, Jim Carrey, Queen Latifah, even Danny DiVito, come to mind – but none have been as prolific as Jamie Lee Curtis.

This Is Me – a story of who we are & where we came from  is her 13th book in collaboration with illustrator Laura Cornell.

This brightly coloured picturebook poses a make-believe question, that has been so real for many children.

Readers are asked to imagine what they would pack if they had to move far away from their home and never come back.

The book explores how several children, from past to present, would decide what things would they take that say to the world, this is me!

A fold-out valise is incorporated into the inside back cover for the child to pretend they are packing.

On the surface this book is a fun rhyme to read aloud, but it also provides the opportunity for a child to develop identity and self-worth. The process will also assist children in understanding the plight of current-day refugees who are uprooted from their homeland.

The book is recommended for ages 4 to 8.

It would be an excellent first reader, as the illustrations ably support the text.

About the authors:

Jamie Lee Curtis is the author of bestselling children’s books and an actress known for her roles in Freaky Friday and A Fish Called Wanda. She lives in Los Angeles with family.

Laura Cornell is a published author and an illustrator of children’s books, who lives in New York City with her daughter and two (reportedly) semi-vicious cats.


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