Review: When it Matters Most 9781943425327

Review: When it Matters Most 9781943425327

Title: When it Matters Most
Author: Keven Fletcher
ISBN: 9781943425327
Price: $23.50
Publisher: Elevate Fiction

Review by Amanda Sweeney 

When It Matters Most, a novel by Keven Fletcher, though shorter than most works of fiction I tend to be drawn towards, is not lacking in thought-provoking content. The story immediately dives into a peculiar back-and-forth relationship between the plot and various parable-like stories.

Early on, the reader is introduced to the novel’s protagonist, Simon. As a minister, he performs funeral services for a handful of individuals throughout the course of the book. Throughout this component of his job description, Simon interacts with a series of interestingly constructed characters who offer stories drawn from parallel-like situations in the novel. These stories allow Simon to transition from a partially corrupt idea of a minister (and lackluster widower/father to his daughter), into a seemingly overall better person by the book’s end.

One element that caught my attention was how the reader is exposed to the “behind the scenes” planning for funeral services and sermon preparation efforts. As someone who went to church religiously (no pun intended) for the first 15 years of my life, to realize that the services require such organization was eye-opening. You see this person, such as Simon, stand in front of a congregation, with references so minutely calculated, knowing that any one small detail can lose the audience’s attention.

This concept seems uncannily similar to how authors must prepare when writing books. I only realized it as I was preparing to write this book review.

I have to admit, only a few pages into the storyline, my mind began to experience overtly critical thoughts such as “this author is just trying too hard” or “does one sentence really need a combination of 5+ adjectives?”. However, that’s in no way how I was going to get anything constructive out of the story Fletcher has so carefully crafted.

Over and over again, the characters repeat how it’s not about the messenger, it’s about the message.

In order to draw something from this story, where so much could be analyzed and noted about each chapter individually, let alone the novel as a whole, I decided to use the content to draw comparisons to my own life and the choices I make. An exercise I don’t imagine a vast majority of people my age complete.

The result? Accepting that applying some of the book’s underlying practices wouldn’t be easy. My favourite line that highlights this is, “That’s why they call it a spiritual practice and not a spiritual walk in the park.”

The question, “To what degree can words influence people’s behavior?” is worth noting. This review may not entice you to run to your local bookstore at top speed, or opt for a less adrenaline-filled experience and order the novel online. However, hopefully it will at a bare minimum inspire a moment or two of self-reflection. Hopefully it momentarily exposes you to how you may be choosing to live your life.

How do you choose to act “when it matters most”, when life is challenging you or testing your limits? How do you choose to act in moments of every day routine?

Think about your answer. For more? Read When It Matters Most.


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