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Critiques de livres Nouvelles

Review: A Certain Age ISBN 9780062404954

Title: A Certain Age Author: Beatriz Williams ISBN: 9780062404954 Price: 33.50 CAD Publisher: HarperCollins Canada Review by Rosanna Haroutounian Love, heroism, and scandal come together in Beatriz Williams’ new novel,


Neutrino Hunters ISBN 9781443414265

Neutrino Hunters Author: Ray Jayawardhana ISBN: 9781443414265 Retail Price: $29.99 Publisher: HarperCollins Canada About the book: Canada’s renowned astronomer hunts for the universe’smost elusive particle. Every second of every day and night,


How Sex Works ISBN 9780061479663

How Sex Works Author: Dr. Sharon Moalem ISBN: 9780061479663 Retail Price: $16.99 Publisher: HarperCollins Canada About the book: Why are women biologically driven to find Mr. Tall, Dark, and Handsome? Can more

Critiques de livres Nouvelles

Made in Quebec – A Culinary Journey

This review first appeared on Life in Québec a news and information site for Quebec. The original review can be found here: LifeinQuebec.com review of Made in Quebec – A